What is Accreditation?

Excerpted and adapted from the Accreditation Manual of the Georgia Association of Christian Schools (GACS):

The Bible exhorts us as Christians to be self-governed with the aid of the Holy Spirit and to seek wise counselors as we endeavor to grow in wisdom and stature. The process of voluntary accreditation through the GACS strengthens a school through self-analysis and then provides the added benefit of wise counselors in the form of an accreditation team who evaluate the school by standards that reflect both academic quality and fidelity to scriptural principles.

In order to become accredited, a school must present a philosophy of education that conforms to biblical standards, must demonstrate that the school’s written program is in agreement with that philosophy, and must meet certain standards generally accepted by Christian educators. The twelve standards used by the GACS include categories such as Philosophy, Mission and Goals, Governance and Leadership, Finances, Facilities, Health and Safety, Educational Program, and Student Life.

In order to remain accredited, a school must submit an annual report to the GACS in which account is given of the school’s condition, progress, and maintenance of standards. Also, a school must establish, implement, and provide proof of an on-going five-year School Improvement Plan which addresses the school’s biblical beliefs, mission, goals, student expectations, curriculum and instructional strategies, performance assessment, and strategic initiatives.

A status of Fully Accredited (conferred in five-year increments) is granted when the accreditation team has rated the school as “effective” or “exemplary” on all standards.

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